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Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. Please read carefully the following conditions of hire between the Hirer and MIDLAND MOTOR CARAVAN Ltd (The Company). The Motor caravan and its contents are to remain the property of Midland Motor Caravan Limited (hereinafter called the Owner) at all times. The hirer undertakes to keep the vehicle securely locked at all times when unattended and to refrain from any action or omission which may prejudice the owner’s rights to the vehicle, ie in lay terms to treat the vehicle as if it were your own property. The vehicle is not to be used for, or in conjunction with, any race, competition or trial, or for hire or reward.
2.DRIVERS AGE and LICENCE All drivers must be over 25 and under 75 years old and have held a UK licence for at least two years and produce it before collection of the motor caravan. Visitors from abroad must produce a valid unendorsed domestic driving licence or a current international driving permit or licence. The licence must be unendorsed (except speeding and parking offences) and be produced at the time of collection of the vehicle. An insurance proposal form shall be completed by each driver overleaf. Proof of identity must be produced at the beginning of the hire. The company may at this time take a photograph of the hirer at its own expense.
3. INSURANCE Fully comprehensive insurance for use in the UK is included in the hire charges. The vehicle is insured for the period of hire contracted for ONLY, thus late return of the vehicle would incur a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act. All previous motoring convictions up to three years old are to be disclosed to the company at the time of the hiring. The hirer recognises and agrees that this is a fundamental term of the Hire. Each Hirer and any proposed driver individually has to complete the Insurance proposal form in the presence of a representative of the company and must be accepted by the Insurers and the company as suitable to drive. Proof of identity must be produced at the beginning of the hire. Insurance cover is for the vehicle, driver, passengers and equipment ONLY, Personal possessions are not covered. Hirers are advised to take out additional personal holiday insurance cover. An insurance excess of £750 for UK or £900 for Europe is payable with the final hire payment before the hire commences and will be applied against every accident in which the hirer is involved. If the vehicle is returned in good condition, with a clean interior, whole and undamaged, the insurance excess (subject to inspection by the company on its return) will be returned to the hirer. Should the condition of the vehicle not be so, then the repairs − replacements − cleaning costs will be deducted from the insurance excess. If the hirer is found to have damaged the vehicle by their own negligence, ie no other person or vehicle is involved we reserve the right to pass on the full amount of our insurers excess in force to us at the time (at present £750/£900 per claim) and hold the hirer fully responsible for the full cost of our uninsured losses. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, no matter how small, an accident report MUST be completed and submitted to the company before the end of the hire period. Hirers travelling abroad will require additional Continental Comprehensive road insurance cover. This will be supplied by the company at extra cost to the hirer. All hirer’s travelling abroad must obtain their own additional continental breakdown cover to protect themselves and the vehicle against all other items not covered by the company such as health, money, theft, personal possessions, breakdown, repatriation etc.
4. BREAKDOWNS Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the hire vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. The company is not under any circumstances, responsible for any consequential expenses, or costs in hiring alternative vehicle or accommodation and additional travel expenses or any third party claims for damages in connection with, or consequent upon any accident or breakdown. Any malfunction, breakdown or damage caused by the negligence of the hirer shall be made good at the expense of the hirer. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the vehicle has National breakdown cover for the UK only, a card with a phone number is provided inside the motor caravan, or you can call us and we will organise help. The Hirer is authorised to spend up to £50 on repairs and will be repaid to him on submission of a valid VAT receipt. Prior company approval must be obtained in respect of repairs − replacements in excess of £50.
5. RESERVATION DETAILS Telephone reservations can be made but only held for a period of FIVE DAYS by which time written confirmation and a deposit should have been received by the company. A booking deposit of £150 per week is payable at the time of making a reservation. This is not refundable and shall be deducted from the hire charges. Confirmation of booking will be posted to you with an invoice in respect of the balance of the hire charge and the insurance excess deposit. This invoice must be paid at least 28 days before commencement of hire. Please note, our hire charges do not include unlimited mileage, a mileage allowance of 100 miles per day or 800 miles per week is included. All mileage over this amount is chargeable at 20pence per mile.
6. COLLECTION AND RETURN Vehicle hire is usually from Friday to Friday unless otherwise arranged. Vehicles are available for collection between 12.00 and 6.00pm and must be returned on the last day of the Hire between 8.30 and 10.00 am, unless otherwise arranged in writing. (Time being of the essence) in order that the vehicle may be prepared in good time for the next Hire.
Failing to comply with these times will result in the Hirer being surcharged at the rate of £15.00 per hour or part of it, together with any additional costs incurred by the company. No refund is given for an early return of the vehicle.
7. CONDITION OF VEHICLE At the start of the hire before leaving the company’s premises a full on hire inspection of the motor caravan will be carried out to check for any defects, and at the same time we will show you where all the equipment is located and how to operate it and record it on a check sheet. At the end of the hire whilst the hirer is present a full off hire check will be carried out by the company and checked against the on hire check sheet. If the motor caravan is returned as it went out, cleaned inside and out thoroughly it should take approx the same time as the on hire check. If the outside is not washed clean it will take a further one hour to wash it. The hirer can elect to not be present whilst the off hire check is carried out but they must sign a waiver to this affect. Due to our work load on the day of your return we may not be able to start the off hire check immediately, someone else may be in front of you. The Breakdown or malfunction of an individual piece of equipment after it has left, our premises will not be accepted as a reason to abort, or cancel a hire contract. Any such fault will be repaired or replaced as soon as it is possible to do so. We must further point out that the condition of tyres and the windscreen is not included in the company’s insurance cover; any such damage is the Hirer’s responsibility. A charge will be made for anyone returning a vehicle with an unemptied toilet of £15.00, and for dirty or stained carpets or upholstery £10.00. A charge for cleaning a very dirty interior or exterior will be made in most cases to cover the costs and we reserve the right to deduct it from the £750.00 damage deposit
8. CANCELLATIONS Musts be in writing and are charged as follows: More than six weeks before commencement of hire = loss of deposit. All monies due and received after six weeks before commencement of hire are not refundable, except for the £750 excess deposit, which is refundable provided that no other sums are unpaid by way of deposit or otherwise. The company reserves the right to cancel the hire if at the commencement of the hire the driver’s licence(s) are invalid or in accordance with the conditions set out in condition 1. In these circumstances the total hire charges will be forfeited. Hirer’s are strongly advised to insure against unavoidable cancellation.
9. FUEL, OIL & GAS A full tank of fuel is supplied with the vehicle at the commencement of the hire and the Hirer is expected to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Any fuel shortage will be charged to the Hirer. The Hirer will be liable if the incorrect fuel type is used. The Hirer is responsible for regular checking of OIL and WATER LEVELS and use of the correct type of fluids. Gas cylinders are provided at the time of hire, at least one with initial gas supply. The cost of any refills after that shall be the responsibility of the Hirer who shall ensure that bottles of the same size as taken are returned with the vehicle. If the Hirer accidentally fills or part fills the fresh water tank with fuel the Company should be notified immediately and the Hirer shall be liable for the full costs of repairs and replacements required in order to make the water system clean and safe again.
10. AVAILABILITY While every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle reserved is available, if due to circumstances beyond the company’s control the reserved vehicle is not available, the company reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative. If this is not available or acceptable the liability of the company will be limited to the refund of any monies paid by the Hirer.
11. LIABILITIES The Hirer shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred because of offences against the Road Traffic Act and/or regulations thereunder, plus any parking or toll offenses and indemnify the company from any liability or costs including damage to the vehicle caused by bad driving habits or negligence. The Hirer shall ensure that the driver and all passengers required by law to do so shall always when the vehicle is being driven wear seat belts provided. The hirer will be responsible for all the companies uninsured losses regarding our insurance companies excesses.
12. ANIMALS The general rule is that all animals other than guide dogs, have to be approved by the company at the time of reservation. If approved, all damage however caused by the animals will be charged to the Hirer in full.
13. PARKING The Hirer may park, free of charge, and at his own risk, one car on the company’s premises for the period of hire.
14. SMOKING is strictly forbidden inside any part of the motor caravan. Any offender will be charged for the cost of cleaning out the smell of stale tobacco from the fabric of the furnishings at cost, approximately £50.00.
15. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the terms and conditions of this agreement shall apply to all hires undertaken by our customers. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and those passing between the parties, these terms and conditions shall be allowed unless expressly excepted in writing.
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